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Our strategic plan for 2022 and beyond focuses on building a thriving and engaged global physiotherapy profession

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Physiotherapist appointed as government adviser in Benin

Benin government appoints physiotherapist at Ministry of Health


World Physiotherapy accredits two physiotherapy entry level education programmes

Physiotherapy entry level education programmes in Spain and Turkey accredited


World Physiotherapy announces education committee members

A new standing committee is established by the World Physiotherapy board to support its education activities


South America region elects new executive committee

Representatives of member organisations in South America elect executive committee members


World Physiotherapy Congress

As the profession’s leading global meeting, it is where the world of physiotherapy meets.

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COVID-19 information hub

World Physiotherapy is the global hub for information and resources about COVID-19 for physiotherapists

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World PT Day 2022 – 8 September

This year's focus is on osteoarthritis

Explore our World PT Day 2022 toolkit

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We measure and report on our impact on the global physiotherapy profession

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Physiotherapists worldwide

We are the sole international voice for physiotherapy, representing more than 660,000 physiotherapists worldwide


Member organisations

We represent national physiotherapy associations from 125 countries and territories


Bursary recipients at our online congress

105 physiotherapists from 25 countries/territories were able to take part in our online congress

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